Examples of work

David Curtis’ Ark of Telsid War (extract)
Click to view “Ark of Telsid War”

Hans Katakarinja’s On the Open Road

Click to view “On The Long Road”

Adrian McNamara’s Shelf Packer (extract)
Click to view “Shelf Packer”

Tim Metcalf’s Oasis in the Wind
Click to view “Oasis In the Wind”

Isobel Nabangarti’s Caring For Country, On The Land

Click to view “Caring For Country”   Click to view “On the Land”

Maureen O’Keefe’s A Silent Friend, Life’s Pathway

Click to view “A Silent Friend” Click to view “Life’s Pathways”

Noeleen O’Keefe’s The Cremation, I Love the Aussie Bush and Silent Nights

Click to view “The Cremation” Click to view “I Love the Aussie Bush”  Click to view “Summer Nights”

Milly James’ Indigenous Languages

Click to view “Indigenous Languages”


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