About Barkly Writers’ Ink

In July 2010 Barkly Writers’ Ink was born. With the aid of an Arts NT Community grant of $5000 came the opportunity for a core group of writers (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) from the Barkly region of the Northern Territory to meet on a regular basis to write, provide support and professional development, network, mentor each other and learn about the craft of writing and the publishing industry. A further $10,000 from Arts NT, plus in-kind and financial support from Barkly Regional Arts, gave writers in this remote region an additional opportunity to hone and further develop their skills and to gain recognition on the national writing scene. This year we’ve gained some new faces, young and old, established and emerging, with several of the central group of writers attending literary festivals and publishing work in journals, online and in short story and poetry anthologies. You can see samples of some of their work on this website.

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To find out more about this unique group of writers from the Barkly, please call Ktima Heathcote, Coordinator for Barkly Writers’ Ink, on +61 (08) 8962 2799 or email ktima.heathcote@barklyarts.com.au


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