Blog Launch: Desert Harmony Festival 2011

Desert Harmony festivalgoers were treated to the inaugural Culture Carnival, held at Nyinkka Nyunyu Art & Culture Centre. It was an amazing day with an audience of 50 (great turnout for Tennant Creek) coming to Jajjikari Cafe to sit and listen to selected readings from local scribes. Poets, storytellers and fiction writers from Barkly Writers Ink all gathered together to celebrate the launch of the Barkly Writers’ Ink Blog. Rosemary Plummer, Adrian McNamara, Milly James, David Curtis, Tim Metcalf and Ktima Heathcote entertained the crowd with pieces workshopped throughout the year. Even Barkly Regional Arts EO Alan Murn was inspired by all the literary activity to read out his hilarious poem, called Notes. Afterwards, there was an open mic session featuring local writers, musicians and songwriters followed by a damper-making session and the opening of the Barkly Captured community photographic exhibition in the gallery.

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